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Your Automated Buying Process!

ImportBuyer is the perfect tool for you to utilise on your buying trips. Using the same integration as SalesPresenter, you can link your back-office system to ImportBuyer, with the capability to sell on the same day you buy and increase your sales. Save time processing the products you have bought by sending them directly to the office before you’ve even got back from your trip.

*Require iOS 13.0 or above. Compatible with iPad*

User Freedom

Add suppliers, raise PO’s, re-order and increase bargaining power.

Works Offline

Access previous buying information, anywhere.

Collate Product Information

Collate all information, price and media for potential new products.

Same Cloud

Links into the same cloud as SalesPresenter and sell on the same day you buy.

Competitive Pricing

Precise and quick visibility of opposing suppliers prices.

Calculate FOB/CIF

Calculate FOB or CIF costs on the fly. Enabling the most accurate negotiations.

Calculating FOB/CIF

  • Simplify your cost calculations on the fly and know instantly whether it will be a profitable buy for your business.
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ImportBuyer | Automated buying software

Container Awareness

  • Watch as ImportBuyer makes use of data you already have to make you fully aware of the content of your containers.

Data Capture

  • Gather all the relevant information for your new products. Including data, pricing and all media.
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Alternative Suppliers

  • With minimal effort, see whether you bought a product from another supplier and how much for.

Simplify Buying

The inspiration behind ImportBuyer is the never-ending need to streamline the process in business, especially wholesale. Calculating the costs and ensuring you are getting the best price for the products you are buying is essential, whilst selling those products as soon as possible. These are all key components of the buying process that we understand will facilitate more profitable buying trips.


Trusted And Recognised!

History Of Success

With over 35 years of experience in the wholesale world. Blue Alligator are geared up with knowledge to make this a success.

Over 1500 Wholesalers

With over 1500 wholesalers already utilising Blue Alligator products worldwide, we know our stuff.

Customer Relations

Having built great relationships with our customers over many years, we have gathered significant knowledge on how they work and how we can help.

Great Support

It is well known in the industry that nothing is too much to ask of our support team. This continues through to our new products.