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Nkuku has been in existence for 15 years. It was started by Ali and Alex Cooke, who went on holiday and saw some amazing artisans in India and Africa, brought the product back and built a business from importing their first journal.

Nkuku provides handmade homeware products to the retail and wholesale sector. Their products are sourced from mainly India, working with independent businesses, social projects and co-operatives.

What problems were you having before Blue Alligator?

“So, we use SalesPresenter mainly at our trade shows. It is a really valuable tool for us. Previously we would have something that was not fit for purpose, it really didn’t give us any customer history, our product information wasn’t easily updated. It used to regularly cut out, it caused us all sorts of problems, but since using Blue Alligator and the SalesPresenter tool, it’s been great.“

What benefits has the product brought you?

“Our customers really appreciate that we can take orders very quickly and efficiently. We can give them information about what’s in stock, what isn’t in stock. We’ve got a bit of sales order history as well on there, so it’s a great tool, it’s really enhanced what we do at trade shows.”

“We can get orders to the customer the next day. We can start the whole process, so we upload orders taken at the trade show in the evening, goes through our system back in the office and we can start the whole process of getting the orders out straight away. So, in theory, a customer places an order with us on Monday at a trade show, they can have their stock by Friday latest. So that’s a huge benefit.“

“Roberto gave us a demonstration in Bristol, once we had a demo, we knew the system was for us, contact was always very quick and very professional.”

With our first trade show, we reached 104% of target, being able to view products not on sale at the trade show was a great upselling tool. We have had such great success with the system we decided to do two trades at the same time this year.

The support team are really good. In the rare occasion at a show where we’ve had a technical issue, they’ve moved heaven and earth to help us. So, they have been absolutely excellent. I would highly recommend Blue Alligator, visit their website on: