Nkuku provides handmade homeware to the retail and wholesale sector. Their products are sourced from mainly India, working with independent businesses, social projects and co-operatives.

Their team and products may have grown, but they still have the same hands-on approach, meeting and working with all their makers personally. That’s how they know that every product has a story to tell.

Their first trade show

Problems that arose

“With our first trade show we reached 104% of target, being able to view products not on sale at the trade show was a great upselling tool. We have had such great success with the system we decided to do two trades at the same time this year.”

  • “The system we were using was outdated and no longer supported.”

  • “We had lost orders taken at trade shows.”

  • “Unreliability was the main problem.”

Currently using SalesPresenter

“Roberto gave us a demonstration in Bristol, once we had a demo, we knew the system was for us, contact was always very quick and very professional.”

Luke who set up the integration between the systems had his work cut out as this was Blue Alligator’s first integration with the Khaos system. A deadline date was given as a trade show was coming up and this was met, the time and work put in were amazing!

The training by Ollie was great all areas of the system were covered.”