"SalesPresenter has cut down the time of taking orders from an hour to 10 minutes"

Panacea Decorations

Panacea integrates with SalesPresenter

Panacea is a contemporary, design-led Christmas company. Their team of designers, with over 28 years experience in Christmas decor, have curated their brand new range of striking, contemporary and traditional Christmas baubles, decorations and greenery.

As Panacea has been in the business for so long they needed a change from their normal paper orders, they found SalesPresenter! We got their project moving straight away and it was finished in less than 5 weeks.

What was it like before Blue Alligator / SalesPresenter?

“Before Blue Alligator we had to hand write everything. This took hours and hours, it was very old school. Customers were getting impatient. This year we have used Blue Alligator and it has been amazing.”

How has the support team been so far?

“They were amazing, really really quick to respond and made it seem really straightforward and really helpful. Very quick responses.”

Currently using SalesPresenter

“SalesPresenter has cut down the time of taking an order from an hour to 10 minutes. It’s easy, really quick and really straightforward and I found it really easy to use and I’m not technical.”

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