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Bath House is a fragrance and natural skincare brand founded in 1997.

“We started the company 21 years ago, we all come from an art design background, from fine arts to textiles and photography and sculpture. We’re quite unusual as a British company because we manufacturer all our products and design all the packaging. We do everything ourselves so everything’s in our control which is brilliant. It keeps us really busy and it’s quite a complicated business to run.”

Problems before Blue Alligator

So, I came into the company when Blue Alligator was first being considered. I think what really drove that was just the pure amounts of manual labour that was involved. Taking orders, processing orders putting them in our in-house ordering system. We use sage primarily and that was the sheer number of hours that was taking somebody and many people at key times of the year. Quite frankly that was draining resources from other parts of the business because we needed to be hands-on deck.

So, to be able to automate that and make that process smoother and actually fulfil orders quicker for our customers was really important and really drove that process.

How has the support team been?

My goodness, I was totally flabbergasted, firstly dealing with Lewis and of course Corey. Reece who was developing the site for us has been second to none, nothing is an issue. There seems to be a workaround for everything and every business uses Sage in a different way. Reece was able to come up for a workaround for everything that I saw as a problem, it wasn’t a problem.

“SalesPresenter has saved us so much time. After a trade fair, for example, we just come back with hundreds of orders all on paper, all to hand put into Sage. I was here every weekend just imputing orders into Sage because the phones were just so busy during the week. Taking orders over the phone once again onto paper and then having to input them into Sage, and now with an iPad by your desk, somebody rings an order through we put it straight onto Blue Alligator. It’s there on Sage as soon as the uploads are done.

In terms of what it saved the team and the business, it’s hard to quantify, be nice to know how many hours but it’s huge. It’s a matter of people sat there for weeks on end, multiple people particularly over the summer period, the labour-saving is colossal.”