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We’re proud to support wholesale businesses across the Home & Gift industry, offering specialist buying and selling solutions, SalesPresenter, CloudCart and ImportBuyer

The Art File

“It’s worked tremendously well, I mean just cutting out that middle man now and being able to just do the order with the customer on the stands, send it straight into our software system which integrates into Blue Alligator and goes straight to the warehouse and straight out to the customer. It cuts leads time by up to 2 or 3 working days.

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Paper Salad

“It’s very difficult to add up all the cards at once and get the actual total, whereas Blue Alligator adds it all up for you and yeh it’s absolutely spot on.”

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Bath House

“My goodness, I was totally flabbergasted, firstly dealing with Lewis and of course Corey. Reece who was developing the site for us has been second to none, nothing is an issue.”

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Something Different Wholesale

So, we looked for a system and we talked to you and you were very easy to talk to, you were very friendly lovely people. So, we decided to go with you and we certainly haven’t regretted that decision. It was a good decision.

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See more testimonials below and see what our customers think of us and our services!

Mehrdad – Owner, Nour London

“Stock control, managing reports, it’s speeded up the order taking process, so the buyers are much happier too because something that used to take 30 minutes, now is done in 5 minutes.”

Leah Yahya – Lotus Imports

“It has been really good. Everyone’s been really helpful and whenever I email, they get straight back to me. It has been really good having everyone coming to the show because we’ve got people on-site to help us if we have any problems.”

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