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SalesPresenter Blue Alligator is the creator of SalesPresenter. The sales rep app choice for hundreds of businesses worldwide! SalesPresenter | Leading sales application | Blue Alligator SalesPresenter | Leading sales application | Blue Alligator SalesPresenter

Sell Smarter with SalesPresenter

The SalesPresenter sales representative application seamlessly integrates with your ERP system, ensuring your sales team has access to current and pertinent information, such as real-time stock availability. With the added advantage of unlimited digital catalogues at their fingertips, your sales representatives can efficiently navigate product offerings. Moreover, the streamlined process ensures that when a sales order is placed, it is instantly synchronized with your ERP system, eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks, and reducing the risk of costly errors.

*Requires iOS 13.0 or above. Compatible with iPad*

Frees Time

Focus on more important tasks instead of 2 weeks processing orders after every tradeshow.


Sales reps love the system because of its easy to use interface (and it’s multilingual).


Present products professionally without using calculators and paper catalogues.

The No.1 Selling Solution For Wholesale Businesses

Accurate Figures

Up-to-date stock figures so reps can be certain that order lines will be fulfilled.

Works Offline

Take orders at tradeshows or on the road and upload orders as soon as there’s Wi-Fi.

Styling Module

Purchase the styling module to enable beautifully presented products.

Catalogue Management

  • Present captivating catalogues with visually engaging designs using BlueAlligator sales presenter app.
  • Improve your search experience by utilizing family codes and categories, creating a more targeted and effective sales presentation.
  • Showcase products previously purchased by each customer in dedicated catalogues. Additionally, streamline the product discovery process by entering a search phrase.
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Customer Accounts

  • Empower your sales reps to seamlessly add new customers directly to the SalesPresenter sales rep app.
  • Effortlessly locate customers imported from your ERP system with a user-friendly search feature.
  • Refine searches with intuitive configurations for a more efficient customer lookup.
  • Gain insights into customer demographics and identify high Average Order Value (AOV) customers in your vicinity.
  • Access comprehensive account details, history, and delivery addresses to enhance your understanding of each customer’s profile.

Information At Your Fingertips

  • Tailor product information and labels based on your preferences and needs.
  • Arrange product choices in your preferred units, such as boxes, pieces, inners, outers, etc.
  • Set customers’ agreed pricing as the default for seamless and accurate transactions.
  • Retrieve detailed buying history and information on back-orders at your fingertips.
  • Effortlessly select products by utilizing barcode scanning technology.
  • Enhance your product presentations with multiple photos, movie clips, sound bites, PDF spec sheets, and the option to zoom in on full-screen photos.
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Order Acknowledgement

  • Send these confirmations directly to customers via email and seamlessly integrate the orders from your sales rep app into your ERP system.
  • Ensure order backup with automated CC to your office inbox, providing an additional layer of data security and accessibility.

Integrate Your Back-Office System With SalesPresenter!

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