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Sell Smarter with SalesPresenter

The SalesPresenter sales rep app integrates directly with your ERP system, giving your sales team up-to-date, relevant information – including stock availability. Above all, your sales reps will benefit from unlimited catalogues right at their fingertips. Therefore, once a sales order is taken, it is automatically fed into your ERP system, avoiding wasteful admin time and costly mistakes.

Frees Time

Focus on more important tasks instead of 2 weeks processing orders after every tradeshow.

Accurate Figures

Up-to-date stock figures so reps can be certain that order lines will be fulfilled.


Sales reps love the system because of its easy to use interface (and it’s multilingual).

Works Offline

Take orders at tradeshows or on the road and upload orders as soon as there’s Wi-Fi.


Present products professionally without using calculators and paper catalogues.

Styling Module

Purchase the styling module to enable beautifully presented products.

The No.1 Selling Solution For Wholesale Businesses

Catalogue Management

  • Displays visually appealing catalogues.
  • Enhance your search with family codes and categories for a more focused sales presentation.
  • Products previously purchased by each customer can easily be shown in a catalogue. In addition, simply enter a search phrase to find products.
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Customer Accounts

  • Sales reps can add a new customer straight to SalesPresenter.
  • Easily search for customers uploaded from your ERP system.
  • Narrow down searches with user-friendly configurations.
  • Analyse your customer demographic locations and high AOV customers around you.
  • View account information, history and delivery addresses

Information At Your Fingertips

  • You decide what information and what labels you give to each product.
  • Order in your choices of units for example box, pieces, inners, outers etc.
  • Default the customers’ agreed pricing.
  • Access buying history and back-orders.
  • Select products via barcode reading.
  • Include multiple photos, movie clips, sound bites, PDF spec sheets and zoom to full-screen photos.
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Order Acknowledgement

  • Create professional order confirmations.
  • Email these directly to the customer and then automatically feed the orders into your ERP system.
  • Back your orders up by automated CC to your office inbox.

What Do Our Customers Think Of SalesPresenter & How It Has Benefited Them?

Jack Middleton – Account Manager

“One of the most rewarding things has been that at a trade show, sometimes we don’t have enough space to show all our products. We’ve managed to actually sell products that we don’t even have on stand, by flicking through the iPad and showing the customers.”

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Jane Wallace-Jones – Managing Director

We bought the Blue Alligator software 5 years ago. It was quite transformational because before that we did paper orders, we had some salespeople on the road. The only way we could sell was either by having a printed catalogue and as we all know by the time you’ve had the catalogue printed, it’s out of date, so anything new coming on you can’t show them or you have to carry samples which is really not ideal.

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