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We have been importing and supplying a vast range of artificial flowers for 29 years. Goods are sourced on our trips to China and distributed to garden centres, wholesalers and the gift trade throughout the UK, Irland and parts of Europe. We are committed to our customers and believe we have achieved the right balance between price and quality.

What was it like before Blue Alligator?

“It was quite difficult at times, especially at the trade shows, we had to go home and enter everything onto the computers manually from paper order forms where now it’s done seamlessly behind the scenes so everything’s in the office waiting for us.”

How much time would you estimate has been saved?

“Especially after the trade show was probably two-three days sat in the office when we should be in the office getting orders out. On the road, it just makes time so much quicker and probably get that extra one maybe two customers in a day.”

“The advice I’d give is to look at a company like Blue Alligator, you can get rid of all your paper catalogues and move online with the online system and the Blue Alligator system, so the website integrates very well with Blue Alligator and it just helps make it so much easier.”