We have been importing and supplying a vast range of artificial flowers for 29 years. Goods are sourced on our trips to China and distributed to garden centres, wholesalers and the gift trade throughout the UK, Ireland, and parts of Europe. We are committed to our customers and believe we have achieved the right balance between price and quality.

Jeno Floral

Before Blue Alligator

How has your experience been?

“We used to take orders with paper orders pads. We then took our pile of orders back to the office and re-entered them to our Sage system.”

Jeno Floral

“What a great bunch! From sales with Lewis taking a very consultative approach and ensuring what we were buying was exactly what we needed, through to our project manager who looked after us and made sure the system worked exactly the way we intended.”

“The implementation was a breeze especially connecting with Sageline 50. Blue Alligator really have made sure that their integration to sage is best it can be.”

Currently using SalesPresenter and CloudCart

“Our productivity has increased massively where we don’t face any of the admin problems we faced before. I’d probably say a decrease of around 10-15 hours a week. Which is massive to us as an SME.”

“Not only have we saved masses of time using these systems, both SalesPresenter and CloudCart have helped us to increase our sales. These guys spent a long time telling us they could do it but until we started using it, we didn’t realise the kind of effect it would have. At a show, I’d say an average increase of about 15% per order. Easily justifying ROI. CloudCart also gives us the opportunity to capture orders online that we may not have seen before.”