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Lotus Imports Limited has been established for many years. Their Managing Director Brian Williams has worked tirelessly to build up the business from very small beginnings to the much larger company they are today.

They consider themselves to be one of the leading suppliers in the UK. Their experience in sourcing and importing ensures they will bring you exceptional quality at the very best prices. That’s why they chose SalesPresenter wholesale selling app, it was easy to integrate and start selling straight away.

What was it like before Blue Alligator?

“It was terrible, we tried countless different processes to take orders. I won’t change Blue Alligator, it was the best investment we have ever made.”

How has their experience been with us?

It has been really good. Everyone’s been really helpful and whenever I email, they get straight back to me. It has been really good having everyone coming to the show because we’ve got people on-site to help us if we have any problems.” As you can see our wholesale selling app has improved the way they take orders.

“We used to have to trolley around our laptops to take orders, SalesPresenter has saved us loads of time.”