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Mapping map Further your selling capabilities by utilising SalesPresenters mapping module, find customers on the map, up-to-date customers locations and more. Contact Us: Mapping

New SNAP Connector Release Complete cloud connectors that come with a whole host of additional functionalities SNAP Connector

Additional mapping module

View your customers on a map

  • View your customers on a map and have all the company’s details saved such as delivery addresses and more.
  • Get directions to your customers by utilising SalesPresenters’ additional mapping module.
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See surrounding customers

  • View surrounding customers on your journey to make use of every opportunity.
  • Give your reps the freedom to find and generate extra orders on the route.
  • Never miss an opportunity again.

• See customer locations on a map. Searching for a range of customers will drop pins on the customer’s address.

• See accounts in a certain radius from your customer’s location.

• Plan your route and see where customers will be on your journey.

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