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Paper Salad is a greeting card company. All designs are done in house. At Spring Fair 2020 it’s the 15th year in business.

How long have you been using SalesPresenter?

“We’ve been using SalesPresenter for just over a year now. Before that, we were just using pen and pad to get orders in. Our reps used to scan the orders basically and email them through, but there’s always the issue of maybe not being able to read the handwriting. It’s very difficult to add up all the cards at once and get the actual total, whereas Blue Alligator adds it all up for you and yeh it’s absolutely spot on.”

How has SalesPesenter benefitted your business as a whole?

“It’s been absolutely brilliant since we’ve started using Blue Alligator. It makes our job a lot easier taking orders and it’s a lot easier for our reps as well, and also, it’s great for the customer, you can see what they’re buying and get images, and get the order information and stuff like that from them.”

“It’s definitely saved us a lot of time because we are so busy at the moment, it takes time for our workers at the office to put orders on because we are so busy.

A great feature is that it comes straight through and straight onto our system and we don’t really have to do much other than print the orders of.

The support team at Blue Alligator have been brilliant. It’s always quick responses, you’re always happy to help. The service is great.

I recommend that you use Blue Alligator and SalesPresenter and visit