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Matt Wade, Manager, PRS Guitars "SalesPresenter and CloudCart bring our stock list to life!" PRS Guitars

The company’s beautiful range of hand-crafted premium guitars, as played by hundreds of top musicians such as Carlos Santana, are today quickly snapped up by fellow musicians and fans alike. And with every single product coming out of PRS’s factory near Chesapeake Bay, Maryland looking like an individual one-off, “as soon as they see the right one, they just have to have it!” says Gavin Mortimer, MD of PRS Guitars’ European operation.

PRS Guitars sales force is even higher with SalesPresenter

Orders taken previously

Reps had paper stock lists and our previous methods became costly and inefficient. Our marketing streams promote the availability of new stock to our dealer network and end-users by displaying attractive images on our social media sites and Flickr. This often resulted in multiple dealers chasing a specific product, and sales reps in different countries receiving orders for the same one-off individual guitar from different dealers without knowing its availability.” As you can see their sales force has driven success through the use of SalesPresenter.

Problems before Blue Alligator

  • Product availability was unknown, so orders were not always correct or in stock.
  • Confrontation arose with sales reps, making tasks harder than they should be.
  • Marketing was hard to achieve specific goals, as orders were not processed efficiently.

Currently Using SalesPresenter & CloudCart SalesPresenter CloudCart

“Along came Blue Alligator with SalesPresenter, their well-known iPad-based sales ordering system, which features a highly visual sales catalogue, and instantaneous update of pricing and stock availability. When SalesPresenter was provided to PRS’s European sales reps, there were 2 immediate improvements for them. Not only could they get the latest information on product availability, they were able to use SalesPresenter’s highly visual presentation to increase sales of current stock.”

“SalesPresenter has helped us bring our existing stock list to life!”

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