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Caroline Metham, Sales Manager - Candlelight “I would say if we did a trade show in the September
trade show which is the busiest show, it probably
saves the office alone 4-5 hours a day.”
Candlelight | Blue Alligator | Sales Rep App

Candlelight started in 1972. It started by making candles and we developed into what we have today.

About 3 years ago we decided to launch a brand of candles and fragrances. It’s been an absolutely fantastic success, and this year we have launched Katie Alice, which is our first licence. We’ve partnered with Katie who is a designer and it brings a vintage, floral look to our range.

What problems did you face before Blue Alligator?

“Before we had Blue Alligator, the problems we were having was we would be at a trade show and because of our vast amount of products, we used to have to manually take the orders and we’d have reams and sheets and sheets of paper and we’d be looking for products on it so it was sometimes the customer would be put off by us not being able to find the product that they wanted to order on the sheet which didn’t look very professional.”

How has  SalesPresenter helped your business?

“It’s certainly brought us into the 21st century and it’s allowed us to take a lot more orders if you imagine that we were doing this as a paper exercise prior and then suddenly you’ve gone paperless the number of customers that you can see and just doubles and in fact even triples and on the stand which is when we use SalesPresenter, mostly although we do use it in the showroom and other situations, the amount of customers that you can get on a stand, particularly on the opening few days sometimes is overwhelming. But the ability to deal with those customers extremely fast and get through them, makes you look more professional.”

Currently Using SalesPresenter SalesPresenter

How is SalesPresenter used day-to-day?

“So SalesPresenter has helped us with the agents on the road being able to get their orders to us more speedily and more efficiently whereas before they had to send via fax which is very old fashioned and it’s also helped when we have customers here in our showroom, again use SalesPresenter and as the customers are leaving the building the orders with the sales department are being processed and the efficiency of getting it to our production team and out of the door is amazing.”

“I would say if we did a trade show in the September trade show which is the busiest show, it probably saves the office alone 4-5 hours a day.”

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