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Forney Industries is one of America’s longest operating family-owned tool, equipment and accessory product companies. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company was founded in 1932 and introduced the first publicly available arc welder in the 1940s. Today, they offer close to 5,000 metalworking products within four categories: Welding, Abrasives, Personal Protective Equipment and Shop Tools. Their products are sold under 3 brands: Forney®, ForneyHide™ and Forney Easy Weld®.

Forney Industries expectations of SalesPresenter have been exceeded

What did Mirya have to say?

With our old system, we were already processing orders directly into our ERP system and with SalesPresenter we have seen a bit of an increase in Admin hours, but this is a direct result of the new information we are now able to provide to our Sales Field, specifically regarding updated and current information. We also lose fewer order lines, than with our old system, because of SalesPresenters ability to manage and process larger orders (by line count). We now have a modern, future-proofed system, and a partner that not only provides great support but is open to ideas for improvements.” Clearly, Blue Alligators’ sales rep app has worked for Forney Industries.

What benefits were seen?

Our Reps are responsible for maintaining stock levels of each customer’s chosen product items and to up/cross-sell additional lines. They use the ‘merchandising’ features of SalesPresenter to ‘stock count’ items, top them up to their par stock level and introduce new products into the mix. The average order size is up by 1.8%. This benefit alone easily pays back our investment in the project. The ease of navigation between product lines, via pictures, makes SalesPresenter a selling tool rather than just an ordering device. The ability to view product pictures and different price levels have aided our sales team to quickly find, and offer, customers the right product for their display.

Forney Industries expectations of SalesPresenter have been exceeded

“We have 70+ reps restocking outlets throughout the USA and SalesPresenter was highly recommended to us as a modern way to manage our sales operations. From the outset, during pre-sales discussions and onwards, we found the Blue Alligator team to be great partners; always knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. More importantly, our expectations of SalesPresenter and Blue Alligator since the project went live have been exceeded.”