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Heaven Sends has been running since 2003. We specialise in Christmas decorations, but we also do a lot of other giftware as well. The company mainly comes to the Spring Fair and the Harrogate Christmas and Gift. And we also have a national sales team that uses SalesPresenter all year round. So, we’ve been using SalesPresenter since 2014. We use it out on the road with our sales reps, and we also use it at the shows to place orders.

One of the best things about SalesPresenter, it is a complete product catalogue for us. We’ve got over 6,000 lines, so having it on the iPads is really helpful to be able to go through all of that.

What problems were you having before Blue Alligator?

“Before using SalesPresenter, we had a barcode collector which used to generate a long list of barcodes that we then had to manually input our back-office system. We also used a lot of handwritten orders as well. As you can imagine the admin time was crazy, we lost a lot of orders, we constantly had to phone customers back to clarify things that we didn’t understand on these handwritten orders as well. So, this has been a massive efficiency improvement.”

What benefits has the product brought you?

“In terms of efficiency, SalesPresenter immediately imports orders into our back-office system, which is really handy. We can have these orders shipped out the next day, or the day after, from when they’re placed out on the road. At shows, it means we’ve got our finger on the pulse on the figures. The back-office account actually shows exactly the number of orders, who’s taken them, which customers have been on the stand today. It’s very user friendly as well.”

“Blue Alligator’s support team are always on the end of the phone, which is really handy. We can pick up the phone, drop them an email, things get done the same day. There’s also a forum on the cloud itself, which has got some general Q&A, which has been really useful.

I highly recommend SalesPresenter to anybody who’s looking to take particularly a wholesale business to the next level. It saves us so much time and yeah, I would recommend it to everyone.”