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Inside Out Toys wholesale a range of sustainable toys throughout the U.K. and we’re here at the Autumn Fair today.

Since we’ve started about 5 years ago, the business has grown rapidly. During that time we have taken on sales agents out in the field and it became fairly obvious that taking the orders out in the field getting those back to the office, actually then inputting that data into the office system can be very time consuming and add to that the complication really dealing with that process when you’re actually at a trade fair we really needed to look for a better solution just to speed the whole process up for us.

How have your sales processes improved since implementing our solution?

What we find using Blue Alligator is has been a lot easier for our agents to say exactly what’s in stock, they can actually show the customer an image of the product whilst they’re actually taking the order. Take them through the whole sales process, really help to build the customers confidence that we’ve got the stock, that they’re actually ordering the right product and it also allows the secondary sale because you can show them other like products so hopefully, we can increase our overall sales per customer.

How was your experience with our support team?

We took on Blue Alligator really last minute trying to get it all ready for Autumn Fair. Our data in our Backoffice system with Sage was reasonably okay so we’re quietly confident giving a very tight 3–4-week lead time, we could actually get it implemented in time for Autumn Fair.

We found Blue Alligator were exceptional in the help and support and guidance they gave us to achieve that time scale and I’m glad to say we achieved it and used it at Autumn Fair with great success.

We’ve used the system now for the 4 days of Autumn Fair, it’s actually been an extremely busy fair for us and I can already see that I would anticipate it’s saved us 3-4 time processing orders back into the office just at the first fair.

So really, I guess in summary and for us, we went into it needing a solution, as with all I.T systems you’re never really 100% sure if you’ve got the right thing. I really would say the guys at Blue Alligator have been fantastic and. The support has been really good and in terms of value for money and actually getting an I.T system that actually pays for itself, it really looking good for us and I’m glad we did it. I’m fairly confident that we will get good value for money in return for our investment.