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Based in Devon in the UK and established in the wholesale Sterling silver jewellery trade since 1996. Kali Ma Designs supply an extensive range of quality 925 Sterling silver jewellery and semi-precious gemstone jewellery; offering over 4000 designs in plain Sterling silver and gemstone-set pieces.

What problems did you face and how did Blue Alligator fix it?

We’ve always traditionally had an order pad, order sheet, duplicate copies that will be written on so we can write our code number and price on it, we have quite a lot of different colours of stones so we would have to specify those on our sheets, we would also have in the office a lot of companies order sheets coming in either from trade shows or our agents out on the road.

The main problem we had with this was handwriting, codes being done wrongly we have all number codes which in a way don’t mean anything so it’s very easy to transpose numbers so we get the wrong codes, occasionally getting the wrong stones, so just mistakes that are really easy to make when you’re maybe selling a 100 products to a customer at least. We were finding we couldn’t match up the orders with actually what our products were so we were missing out on products being sold, so then these orders will then have to be edited onto our system for either invoicing or to produce a sales order.

How was your experience with our support team?

Very good, we find Blue Alligator get back to us immediately with at least a response to acknowledgement if we have an issue with anything. Most of the issues can be resolved pretty easy because they’re standard issues, usually, issues we don’t know about. If there’s something we want to develop it’s generally been worked on within a reasonable time frame if it’s something maybe that has been specific just to our company so more than happy with the support system.

I couldn’t even put a figure on it, a huge amount of time I’d say. The sort of quantity of sales we do now we’d almost be looking at another member of staff just to transpose the orders to our system so huge really.

I mean it has much more scope probably than we use as well but I think just purely from a time speed saving aspect if nothing else. It’s really good.