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Learning Resources Ltd is a manufacturer of educational resources, toys & games that are used in the classroom and at home. They sell to both the education and retail markets in the UK and Europe. Their customers range from small independent retailers to larger multiples.

Learning Resources benefit from taking orders in any location

Orders taken previously

We used printed order forms in an excel document, in conjunction with a retail catalogue. We were reliant ongoing through three large printed catalogues with customers. Orders then had to be written or typed onto an excel order form which was then sent by email at the end of the day. Images of the products, product details etc was limited to that contained in our printed catalogue. You needed to have all customer details prior to a visit.

The Blue Alligator Experience

Being able to use SalesPresenter as an ‘offline’ app is a very big benefit, giving them the opportunity to take orders in any circumstances/location.

Due to staff changes within our own company, we have needed to have two in-house training sessions on how to maintain the back-office side of SalesPresenter; training was excellent in demonstrating and explaining everything to those involved…even those with limited IT knowledge!

“Our three company catalogues, including our product brands/ranges and product details are now all stored in one place, allowing the sales team to move seamlessly from one catalogue to another saving valuable time. This helps them cross-sell, up-sell or offer alternative products if any item is out of stock.”