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Automate Your Buying And Selling At Trade Shows

Blue Alligator offer modern buying and selling solutions for importers, distributors and wholesalers to streamline business processes. It’s superbly built to enable salespeople and buyers to browse and order products, making it the choice for hundreds of businesses worldwide.


Fully automated your selling process with our powerful offline order taking application.

  • Beautifully presented product catalogues.
  • Incorporate your pricing structures.
  • Provide your sales teams with clear and accurate customer history.
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Allow your customers to order directly from your website, enabling a 24/7 selling platform.

  • Utilising the same cloud technology to automate the order process.
  • Browse previous orders and new product ranges.
  • Access CloudCart on any device, anytime.
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ImportBuyer gives your buying team the capabilities to write down product and supplier information on the go.

  • Calculate landed cost estimates quickly.
  • Browse buying history and compare suppliers on the go.
  • Raise purchase orders and sync with the back-office.
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What do our customers think of Blue Alligator and our applications?

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Home & Gift

“It’s very difficult to add up all the cards at once and get the actual total, whereas Blue Alligator adds it all up for you and yeh it’s absolutely spot on.”

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“It has been really good. Everyone’s been really helpful and whenever I email, they get straight back to me. It has been really good having everyone coming to the show because we’ve got on-site to help us if we have any problems.”

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“Stock control, managing reports, it’s speeded up the order taking process, so the buyers are much happier too because something that used to take 30 minutes, now is done in 5 minutes.”

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“All of the sales are continuously updated because of this, which in turn, allows for more sales to be made in a prompter and accurate fashion. Moreover, fewer mistakes are made within our sales as SalesPresenter is an easy to use application.”

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“Our customers really appreciate that we can take orders very quickly and efficiently. We can give them information about what’s in stock, what isn’t in stock. We’ve got a bit of sales order history as well on there, so it’s a great tool, it’s really enhanced what we do at trade shows.”

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“Being able to use SalesPresenter as an ‘offline’ app is a very big benefit, giving them the opportunity to take orders in any circumstances/location.”

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How Does The Integration Process Work?

Learn how we integrate your system with Blue Alligator!

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Step 1:

Call one of our specialist sales reps and understand how we can help your business thrive.

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Step 2:

Have a demo of the solution you wish to fully understand its capabilities.

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Step 3:

Go ahead with your decision to integrate with our solutions.

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Step 4:

Let our support team take over and implement your new automated system.

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Step 5:

Get training on your new solution and start paving the way to a solid future.