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Nour London has been trading since 1991. They manufacture, design custom jewellery. They are one of the leading brands in the UK. They showed off their new Spring/Summer collection at this year’s Spring Fair at NEC Birmingham.

How long have you been a customer of Blue Alligator for?

We have been with Blue Alligator for about 12/13 years now. About 7 or 8 years ago moved from X~Suite to SalesPresenter. It has been a huge success. Before that, everything was done manually. So, stock control, managing reports, it’s speeded up the order taking process, so the buyers are much happier too because something that used to take 30 minutes, now is done in 5 minutes.

How has SalesPresenter benefitted your business as a whole?

In our collection, one item could come in 4 different colours. I know that, when it’s a new collection, the designer knows that, but the girls taking the orders don’t know that. So before, when a customer used to ask them ‘does this come in a different colour?’ they didn’t know, they used to ask us. But with SalesPresenter, you know. You can see, this comes in two different colours. So, for us, that’s a huge benefit because you can see very quickly, and it just comes across much more professional for the customers.

“The support team have always been there, from day one. I was quite impressed. Generally, any issues are dealt with pretty swiftly.”

“In terms of processing the orders pretty much within 24 hours the orders processed, and your customers can receive the invoice. This would help you to be one or two steps ahead most of your competitors, because sometimes by the time they get to, especially if they are not dealing with SalesPresenter, that we find it could potentially save you 5-10% of your order value. Which is great.”