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Tired of juggling multiple systems for your wholesale orders and accounting needs? Look no further! Blue Alligator is here to streamline your operations with our innovative order-taking system, SalesPresenter, now seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks & Brightpearl through our Cloud Connector extension.

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Why Choose SalesPresenter
for Quickbooks & Brightpearl Integration?


Speed of deployment

Onboarding, implementation and training with all the benefits of the market leading order taker, in as little as 2 weeks.

Streamlined Data

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between systems. Any sales or deals made through SalesPresenter automatically update in Quickbooks & Brightpearl, ensuring seamless data integration.

Empowering Sales Teams

Our platform gives your sales team on the road instant access to relevant data while ensuring your accountants have all the numbers they need, making it a win-win for everyone.

Modernise Your Sales 

Ditch the paper catalogues and create automated sales processes. What used to take weeks can now be done with just a few clicks.

Customisable Solutions

From product colours to branding, our platform is fully customisable to suit your brand and image.


With QuickBooks Online managing your accounting and finance, you now have the opportunity to link the market leading order taking system seamlessly, with the fastest deployment time in the market. Be ready to go and trained to increase your sales in as little as 2 weeks.


Brightpearl provides market leading accounting and stock management systems. Marketing themselves as the true omni-channel solution for wholesale and retail. Link Blue Alligator’s tools super fast and take advantage of our unique order taking tools

Seamlessly Integrate
with Quickbooks & Brightpearl

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Why our customers love using SalesPresenter…


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SalesPresenter?

SalesPresenter is a powerful sales presentation tool designed to streamline your sales process by creating beautifully presented product catalogues, managing sales orders, and closing deals effectively.

How does SalesPresenter integrate with QuickBooks?

The simple answer is, through the cloud. But thats not it. Our new SNAP connectors provide you with a complete 2 way integration for products, pricing, account history and orders to move back and forth.

Have data you want displayed alongside your existing ERP data? No worries! Our cloud now allows you to supplement your data so you dont have to maintain spreadsheets or change ERP completely.

What are the benefits of integrating SalesPresenter with QuickBooks?

Adding extra software to your sales process can improve efficiency and productivity for your sales team. It can help streamline sales, manage orders, and improve decision-making. The software can be a valuable tool to help your sales team be more successful in their work.

How long does it take to set up?

This new integration has a significantly faster implementation time than ever offered before in our niche. Initially we aim to have you up and running with full training in a couple of weeks.

How do we add media?

The most popular way to sync media, is to use our server based to sync to your folders on a laptop or server. This will simply regularly check for new media and pass it to the cloud when required. We also have a media API if you have the capability within your business, to pass up media yourself. Or you can do this manually in the cloud.

COMING SOON – Dropbox SNAP Connector from Blue Alligator.

How does the integration actually work?

The QuickBooks Online SNAP Connector is our next generation of integration. We have re-built the way our cloud connects to cloud-based systems utilising the latest API technologies. This means there is no requirement for a server. Data moves significantly faster and with less margin of error.

QuickBooks Online has very limited data fields and we want to give reps a lot more product information. How can you help?

No problem! A massive benefit to this offering is the ability to supplement your product data in our cloud manager. Empower your sales teams with vastly more sales information, making it available on both SalesPresenter and CloudCart.

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