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I started the business 25 years ago from car boot sales and went on to do market trading, I’ve had a chain of shops, I had a cash and carry wholesale and now we import and have our own team of designers. We design and we have manufactured all our own ranges now.

How long have you been a customer of Blue Alligator for?

We bought the Blue Alligator software 5 years ago. It was quite transformational because before that we did paper orders, we had some salespeople on the road. The only way we could sell was either by having a printed catalogue and as we all know by the time you’ve had the catalogue printed, it’s out of date, so anything new coming on you can’t show them or you have to carry samples which is really not ideal.

How has Blue Alligators’ products improved your experience?

So, we looked for a system and we talked to you and you were very easy to talk to, you were very friendly lovely people. So, we decided to go with you and we certainly haven’t regretted that decision. It was a good decision. The beauty of Blue Alligator is unlike some other pieces of software, you buy certain parts of the software and then you find that a few months later there’s an upgrade or a vast bit of module that you really like but actually, it costs hundreds and hundreds of pounds for each user and you end up spending more and more and you don’t really realise how much you have to spend to get the software doing what you want it to do. Whereas Blue Alligator, I don’t think we’ve actually ever been charged any extra.

“At this show, Ollie from your support team, he said “oh you’re not using order history and you’re not using backorders”, so I asked if that was an upgrade if we had to pay anything and he said “no give me and ring when you get back and I’ll talk you through how to do it and you’ll be able to put it on all your iPads”, which is very refreshing.”

“There’s always support at the show, or we could just ring up. We can ask you anything and you can fix anything there and then so having the support is absolutely fantastic. Yeah, we are delighted with the system. Really pleased with it.”