AC Jade Trading Ltd, is a wholesale trading company that specialises in low price, high quality, high margin fashion accessories and soft furnishings. Young, and passionate about great design, they travel the world to source, brand and manufacture products to supply to specialist retailers in the fashion, gift, heritage and tourist sectors. They distribute their products to businesses throughout the UK, across Europe and to many other parts of the world, supporting them with the highest levels of customer service at all times.

AC Jade

Orders taken previously

Problems before Blue Alligator

“Previously we took our orders via telephone, email and fax. We also used the postal services and received orders in a letter format. However, since implementing Blue Alligator, especially Sales Presenter, our time spent typing up orders has decreased by more than half. About a year and a half ago we introduced CloudCart to our customers to provide easy integration and setup; therefore, our international customers find it easier to send us orders.” As you can imagine their sales order value has risen dramatically now they have SalesPresenter and CloudCart!

  • Mainly the time and manpower involved in the process; alongside human error.

  • With orders being placed in a handwritten format, mistakes were often made.

  • Blue Alligator, allowed for the order process to be made into a much more fluid and manageable task.

Currently using SalesPresenter and CloudCart

“This program is clear and concise; all of the information is easy to access and is stored through an iPad. This allows for the program to integrate in a straightforward manner with our Sage system. All of the sales are continuously updated because of this, which in turn, allows for more sales to be made in a prompter and accurate fashion. Moreover, fewer mistakes are made within our sales as SalesPresenter is an easy to use application.”

“Once again, the integration with our Sage system allows for CloudCart to be an easily accessible website when it comes to sales. Editing thumbnails, uploading images and checking orders is easily maintained.”

If you need to know more about how to increase your sales order value then just contact us:01908368001!