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The Art File are a design and publishing company, multi-award-winning business, we’ve been operating for about 22 years now, specialising in greeting cards, stationery and gifts. Based in Nottingham in the UK.

How have Blue Alligators’ products improved your experience?

It’s worked tremendously well, I mean just cutting out that middle man now and being able to just do the order with the customer on the stands, send it straight into our software system which integrates into Blue Alligator and goes straight to the warehouse and straight out to the customer. It cuts leads time by up to 2 or 3 working days. If you are on the stand, you can send the order confirmation with the images directly to them there, so it just sort of adds that little point of touch to it.

What problems did you generally face prior to SalesPresenter?

It’s just really transformed the look of our business as well; we look slicker on the stand and obviously for our agents. We have 12 sales agents on the road they used to fire orders in, in all sorts of ways via courier pigeons, on backs of envelopes and you couldn’t read anything they were saying and it’s completely eradicated all of that and streamlined it all now and I get tremendous feedback from the agents on a regular basis, it’s a big life-changer for them as well.”

“I very rarely need support, but when I do it’s there. There’s a couple of guys on the tech team, they log onto your computer straight away, they identify the problem and give you a call and they are really helpful. So very good all in all.”