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Buzz Sweets Is Buzzing About SalesPresenter

By 15th September 2016May 4th, 2022Customers
Buzz Sweets is buzzing about SalesPresenter

Who are Buzz Sweets?

They are a major brand in the independent retail market. They are recognised for their unique high quality and excellent value for money. With a huge variety of products, they supply the best sweets in the UK. As said by their consumers & retailers! Their facility in Hoddesdon handles over 1’140’480 kilos of bulk products a year and produces over 86,400 packets of Buzz Sweets products every day.

How has it helped their order accuracy?

“Order accuracy has increased massively by using SalesPresenter. Previously their reps may have typed the wrong product number when sending orders by email. Now they have to tick the product which is more precise. This means that there are fewer lost sales as the customers do not cancel any items that they have ordered.”

Other benefits?

“Other benefits of SalesPresenter is that the reps can update any information on the customer records straight away and can send notes to the office for any additional information regarding their order. The estimated weekly saving in admin hours achieved by integrating SP is in excess of 20 hours. It was almost a person’s full-time job to process invoices manually.”

Currently using SalesPresenter

“Availability of the stock information for the reps is working very well for us as it means they know immediately when an item has gone out of stock. And that they can try and sell alternative products when they are with the customer instead. Therefore, this means the majority of the time the customer will replace the product and still order the same number of items instead of leaving them off.”


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