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5 Ways To Sell To First Time Buyers

By 26th April 2017May 4th, 2022Information
5 ways to sell to first-time buyers

 5 ways to sell to first-time buyers

First-time buyers can come in at any stage of the sales funnel. They might just be browsing online or they might be at your checkout thinking whether they should make the purchase before all the budget is gone.

Let’s face it most people like spending money to increase their own sales BUT, if they’re first-time buyers normally they want more information before they splash the cash.

Here are the top 5 ways to sell to first time buyers:

Giving potential customer testimonials and even product reviews to look either for one specific product or a whole company overview. This will push first-time buyers over the edge if your testimonial is compelling. Make the review/testimonial short and effective, highlight stats and figures such as “…. has increased our sales by 50%” this will keep your first-time buyers engaged. Ask existing customers to get on board with good reviews, at the end of the day buyers still like to see what other buyers thought of the product.

2. Demonstrations

Letting a potential customer see a demonstration of your product/service will show them exactly how it works. This will be valuable if competitors haven’t got the same thing in place, you will be way more trustworthy towards a company if you see exactly what the product/service does.

3. Remarketing

This is where you pay for “cheap” advertisements for example; you go to buy a pair of shoes from Amazon but end up cancelling. Later that day similar shoes display on another website such as Facebook, and they then appear on another website etc. Remarketing allows you to target customers that have visited your website before. This will then follow your buyer around their searches which costs £0.00 until they re-click that ad and even so it’s usually a third of what you paid at the start by using PPC (Pay Per Click). This can be a very effective way to gain extra leads from buyers that didn’t contact you/or buy your service/product.


This is in the capital as everyone should be aware that discounts are one of the biggest ways to convert leads, all businesses like to spend as little money as possible and get the best results right? Discounts can be a massive factor in a first-time buyer’s purchase, even just offering a 5% discount could convert your buyers dramatically.

Of course, this all depends on how much the product/service is such as if you sell a product for £20,000 the discount of just 5% is £1,000, compare that to a product that sells for £10.00 that’s only a discount of £0.50 which isn’t anything to write home about, so make sure you check the discount first!

5. Emails

Using a regular drip-feed of emails that have compelling information about the buyer’s sector of business will give you a higher advantage over your competitors if all they do is send sales emails.

Just using one of the above tips will certainly increase your percentage of first-time buyers let alone using them all in conjunction with each other, this could be a very powerful sales strategy moving forward for your business, that’s our 5 ways to sell to first time buyers, happy selling!


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