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Are Paper Orders Losing You Money?

By 9th May 2017May 4th, 2022Information
Are paper orders losing you money?

Are paper orders losing you money?

We noticed a long time ago at Blue Alligator that paper orders take way too long to process and mistakes are made way too often. Reps don’t have key up-to-date stock figures so sales are made where the stock doesn’t exist yet. Big events such as trade shows, stands are always busy and require speed and accuracy in order taking. Using paper to write an order can be long winded meaning potential customers are missed. Reinputting these orders after a show can take up to 2 weeks or more, this might even be an employees full-time job!

Which makes a valid question, why actually use paper orders?

You would think there would be some sort of software to speed this process up, right?

Introducing SalesPresenter, the market-leading wholesale order and sales application. Its streamlined order taking makes it easy to process orders and gain sales you thought never existed. We are here to help you understand just how well our system could work with your company. So you never have to rewrite an order again.

Are Paper Orders Losing You Money?

Watch this short video to understand the key benefits of having a system like this!

If you clicked the video you will now hopefully understand some of the crucial benefits. If not, here are some useful bullet points to consider:

  • Saves Time
  • Beautifully presented catalogues
  • Up-to-date current stock figures
  • Cost effective with quick ROI
  • Orders automatically entered into your back office
  • Gain more orders

Using a system can be a daunting venture as your reps might be stubborn due to years of writing on paper, or perhaps paper “works for you at the moment” which we have been told from our customers in the past. They soon came to realise that without innovation in their companies processes they couldn’t progress.

Our customers broadened their thoughts, from the past “works for the moment” and started thinking of the larger scale. One of our major benefits is saving time and time is ‘priceless’. Using employees time to rewrite an order that another employee has already dedicated time to is not efficient. Dedicate that time to another area of the business where your employee is needed.

Are paper orders losing you money?

If you’re struggling to believe us just look at Ashleigh and Burwood “We use agents, so their time is split across multiple companies. We can definitely say however that the availability of the information to the agent enables them to do a much better job for us than on a company not using Sales Presenter. This translates into the agent earning more money from our products, and thus happy to spend more time selling them”.

If you want to modernise your sales process, contact us for more guidance!

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