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5 Things To Consider In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

By 22nd May 2017May 4th, 2022Information
5 things to consider in your email marketing campaigns

5 Benefits for Email Marketing

1. Have the right target audience

For a successful email campaign, you need to have the right audience. The target audience should be best suited for the campaign that you are putting out to your customers/prospects. For example; Our target audience is B2B wholesalers that use paper orders and want a change. If we set our target audience to B2C, we wouldn’t generate the same success.

2. Brand awareness within your campaign

The company logo and layout should be the first thing to catch your viewers’ attention. Including content and images that reflect the product you are promoting will further engage your audience. It will create a better success rate as the customer will have a visual of what they’re interested in.

3. Sharing the campaign and referring it to someone

The difference between an email campaign and a paper handout campaign is that the email campaign is digital and can be shared multiple times to multiple audiences and generate a higher success rate. Sharing a campaign digitally will leave a long-lasting impact as well as it can keep being shared and reposted. The offers and content might be invalid and need changing, or the layout might be outdated. With a digital email campaign, you can easily make amendments without any cost and it is easy to resend to your audience.

4. Measuring success with analytics

You can measure the success by using analytics that will show the open/click and interaction rates. Analytics will also show the subscribe and unsubscribe rate that has been generated from the campaign. A low/zero unsubscribe, and a higher subscriber rate will show the campaign’s success.

5. Cost

An advantage of email marketing is that it is cost-effective. Leaflets/Brochures will be cut down significantly as they won’t be needed due to email marketing. The only time you could use leaflets to benefit you would be at a trade show which will draw more people in who haven’t yet seen your campaign as they’re new customers/prospects.

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