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Blue Alligator Partner With The Garden Industry Manufacturers Association

By 4th February 2021October 10th, 2022Partners
Blue Alligator partner with GIMA

Blue Alligator Partner With GIMA

Blue Alligator have solidified their position within the Garden industry by partnering with GIMA, the number one trade association within the Garden world!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began Blue Alligator’s products, particularly SalesPresenter, have become a must-have for all wholesale/distribution businesses and leading the pack in the garden industry!

With the pandemic and Brexit adding to the already challenging environment, Garden Industry wholesalers have had to rethink strategies and resource planning drastically. The overwhelming majority have realised that efficiency is the way forward, this is where Blue Alligator comes in!


Having SalesPresenter fully integrated with your ERP system allows you to rethink low-value work, opening up huge opportunities for staff to re-focus their energy and aid the growth of your business. Companies that use our integrated solution have consistently seen on average 20% increase in order revenue and decreased operational time by an average of 60-70% after replacing a manual process!


What benefits are available?

The cost of entry is low, it saves you masses of man-hours, solves a huge problem by eliminating mistakes and can be deployed in 4-6 weeks depending on your back-office system. It is a quick win that will improve the effectiveness of your operations forever.

Over 50% of our integrated clients have been using our system every day for more than 5 years!

Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of our solutions!

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