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Record Household Spending Spree – What This Means For Wholesalers & Retailers

By 26th February 2021May 10th, 2022Information
Record household spending spree

Record savings spark hope for a spending spree that will kick-start our economy following the pandemic!

Wherever we turn now, there is talk about the impact of Covid-19 on our economy and its mostly negative. However, the Bank of England has reported record levels of household excess savings. This is great news for business all the way up the supply chain.
Record household spending spree
Record household spending spree

“Record Household Spending Spree To Regenerate Business Economy After Pandemic – Business Matters Magazine”

The above article refers to the economy potentially returning to pre-pandemic levels once the population start spending. Even better news now that there is an end in sight after Boris’ announcement!

But just because the pandemic is ending, does not mean we should ignore the fact that this virus among others still exists and that we should continue to remain cautious and protect ourselves wherever we can.

Our offering has many benefits. All of which you can learn here or contact us for a demo. But there are benefits way beyond the app functionality and back-office automation:

  • Contact-free – using digital order-taking of this kind, completely removes paper. Out on the road, your salespeople will be able to remain in the comfort that there is no paper changing hands and potentially spreading the virus.
  • Trade Shows – there is no doubt that all industries need to get back to trade shows to boost face to face again and show customers you are still here and fighting strong. But when they do return it is highly likely that the event owners will insist on paperless transactions and contact-free sales processes. This is exactly what we have ready for you.

Now is the time. If you have not implemented an automated sales solution yet, this is the time to on-board one BEFORE the rush. By the time the orders come flooding in it’ll be too late and any growth will likely be put on hold as manual processes struggle to keep things moving smoothly.

Do not wait for what could have been. Be thankful you made the investment now.

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