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5 Trade Show Trends You Need To Take Notice Of

By 1st March 2022Trade-shows
5 tradeshow trends

5 Trade Show Trends You Need To Take Notice Of

2021 was a difficult year when it came to trade shows, with the uncertainty around the pandemic and many companies switching to remote working, it felt like everything changed.

Over the next few years, as restrictions change and lift around the country, we can look forward to the return of ‘normal’ trade shows — or at least a new kind of normal.

If you’re planning to get back out onto the trade show circuit in the new year, here are some of the hottest trends that you can look forward to seeing, and that you should incorporate into your plans.

1. Use automation to your advantage

Gone are the days of flicking through paper catalogues and keeping track of inventory yourself, things have gone digital!

Most trade show booths will now use lots of automation and digital products to help them deliver an excellent service to potential customers.

Platforms like our SalesPresenter are a must-have for any sales rep at a trade show. With our all-in-one platform, you can display all your products, set up customer accounts, manage your inventory, and process customer orders instantly.

It will make the whole process much smoother for you and your customers, so what are you waiting for?

2. Re-thinking the standard booth design

Trade shows are investments that you want to get the most out of, find fun and exciting ways to service your customers outside the boring old booth designs.

Make it a place to hang out, have food and mingle with other attendees — the opportunities are endless.

5 tradeshow trends

3. Take your tradeshow on the road

You’ll have lots of resources and materials that you had prepared for the trade show, so why not take them on the road too?

You can build up excitement for the trade show in different locations, or just find new and unique ways to reach different markets of customers wherever they may be.

5 tradeshow trends

4. Create a consistent marketing theme

Your trade show booth should feed into your overall marketing plan, to tie in with all your other initiatives.

A key tactic in marketing is to hit your customers across multiple channels to really get them interested, so make sure to use this to your advantage at a trade show.

5. Hybrid and virtual tradeshows

Although some trade shows will be back to in-person presenting, there will be many shows that will continue to take place online, or as a hybrid event, so prepare for this.

Think about how you can deliver the same service to your in-person and online customers.

Flexibility, excellent communications, and investment into your digital materials are a must-have to ensure you can maximise your sales at every trade show.

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