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5 Win-back Email Campaign Examples and Best Practices

By 22nd March 2024Information
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The importance of engaging with both new and loyal customers cannot be overstated. An email dispatched post-purchase can serve as a potent tool for bolstering loyalty and incentivising subsequent transactions.

Statistics affirm that the open rates for post-purchase emails are 40-50% higher than those for cold marketing campaigns. This implies that a customer who has recently made a purchase in your store is more likely to peruse your email compared to someone who made a purchase long ago or has never been a customer.

Armed with this data, you can craft email campaigns designed to involve customers in new purchases and kindle interest in your business. Below, you’ll find several specific customer win-back email campaign strategies that have been tried and tested, capable of yielding favourable results.


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1. Resupply Reminder

A tactic tailored for purveyors of recurring consumables. A simple email nudge – “Your Supplies May Be Depleting…” – can draw attention to the impending need for a swift replenishment of regularly consumed goods. Timing is key; calculate the interval from purchase to email dispatch based on your product’s consumption cycle.

Whether it’s pet food or printer paper, a well-timed message sent just before supplies run out is poised to not only capture the customer’s interest but also drive them towards making that essential purchase.

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2. Curated Collections

Delight your recent customers with curated collections featuring similar products from our latest collection or contemporary updates. Not only do these collections have the potential to boost sales, but they also serve as invaluable guides for customers navigating their purchase decisions. Think beyond just product recommendations – include tips for product care and pairings with complementary accessories.

The selection of related products should align with the customer’s initial purchase. Whether it’s attachments for the recently purchased screwdriver, shoe care essentials, a sleek phone case, or the unveiling of the latest dress collection, each recommendation adds a personalised touch to the customer journey and gives you a cool winback email idea.

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3. Loyalty Program

This strategy isn’t just for recent customers – it’s a powerful tool for re-engaging those who haven’t made a purchase in a while too. A simple email featuring a discount code for their next purchase can work wonders, reigniting their interest and encouraging repeat sales.

Additionally, sending an email with a discount on related or similar products immediately after a purchase can be highly effective. While the success of this approach depends on the nature of the products, in certain cases, it can successfully convert customer interest into ongoing sales. Noticed a customer hasn’t placed an order in the last 3 months? An email with a tempting discount code is a great win-back email campaign example that can serve as a gentle reminder of your brand, nudging them towards making a new purchase.


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4. Segmented email newsletter

This tactic shines when your client base is meticulously segmented. This targeted approach allows you to create a good re-engagement email to win back old customers that will directly touch the interests and preferences of different customer groups, fostering stronger connections and driving higher engagement.

By targeting specific segments of your audience, you create a sense of inclusivity and can more accurately tailor your offerings to meet their needs. By leveraging past purchase data to offer personalised deals, you can drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction simultaneously.


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5. Holiday Offers

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this type of email campaign. Holidays are a time for gift-giving and themed purchases, and your email for these occasions should be vibrant, attention-grabbing, and stand out from the rest.

There are plenty of ideas for such messages – “Last-Minute Holiday Deals”, “Essential Festive To-Dos,” or “Celebration Sale Extravaganza.” If your product range lends itself to festive purchases, this is the prime moment to stimulate sales through customer win-back email marketing.

Incorporating win-back email campaigns into your marketing strategy can significantly boost customer engagement and drive sales growth.

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Each of the above strategies offers unique opportunities to reconnect with customers and encourage repeat purchases. By implementing the right win-back email strategy, businesses can strengthen customer relationships, increase brand loyalty, and ultimately, drive revenue.


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