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5 features to look for in an Order Management System

By 31st May 2024Information
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Businesses handling countless products and orders face the unsettling challenge of maintaining performance and customer satisfaction. An effective Order Management System (OMS) is no longer a luxury but a necessity for improving systems, reducing errors, and helping with overall productivity. Combining the right OMS with your currently used systems can lead to effortless inventory management, real-time order tracking, and an increase to your customer service satisfaction levels.

In this article, we’ll explore the key features to look for in an OMS.

  1. Integration capabilities

    An Order Management System can successfully integrate with your existing tools and platforms such as e-commerce sites, ERPs, CRMs, and shipping carriers. Integration capabilities guarantee smooth data flow and reduce physical data entry which can help with minimising errors and saving time.

  2. Real time inventory management

    This feature helps you to make sure that you have enough stock to meet all customer orders promptly. An effective OMS should provide live updates on inventory levels across all sales channels and warehouses, giving you a clear and accurate picture of your stock at any moment. The end result is that it reduces expenses through stock dispersion which in turn leads to improved operational efficiencies.

  3. Order tracking and management

    This feature improves clarity and increases the level of customer service by providing real-time status updates to customers, reducing the number of inquiries and growing satisfaction. This flexibility is super important in addressing customer requests and ensuring that changes are effortlessly merged into the order processing pipeline.

  4. Scalability and customisation

    Your OMS should grow with your business. Scalability makes sure that the system can handle increased order volumes as your business grows, while customisation allows you to change the system to your specific needs. A scalable OMS can adapt to high demand during peak seasons or rapid business growth without affecting performance.

  5. Comprehensive reporting and analytics

    Detailed reports on sales performance can help with identifying your best selling products as well as underperforming items. Looking at inventory levels and turnover rates helps in improving stock management and reducing carrying costs. Predictive analytics can take full advantage of historical data to estimate future trends and demand, supporting forward-thinking decision making and better preparedness for market changes.

How can Blue Alligator assist you?

Choosing the right Order Management System is necessary for simplifying your responsibilities and achieving your business objectives. Blue Alligator, a leader in wholesale and buying systems, offers the ideal solution with their very own OMS, SalesPresenter. SalesPresenter is designed to enhance efficiency, improve order accuracy, and provide real-time insights into your inventory and sales processes. By using SalesPresenter, your business can enjoy the benefits of a powerful OMS customised to meet the demands of a changing market.

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