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Updating Your Website Leads To More Enquiries

By 20th February 2017May 4th, 2022Information
Updating your website leads to more enquiries

Modern styled website

Updating your website leads to more enquiries

Updating your current website is one of the best and simplest ways to increase traffic to your website and increase sales. If your website is looking plain and outdated, then you might not be getting the amount of traffic you are aiming for. We learned this from experience, since updating our website we’ve seen a huge increase in enquiries and traffic. This is because it looks modern, clear information about the company and what we provide.

Frequently updating blog posts and adding relevant information

Frequently updating your blog posts and information on your website will engage the audience on a larger scale. This will also give the audience an overview of your company. When adding information to your website try and mix it up by not always talking about your company. Write about relevant topics such as trade shows if you’re attending, different back-office systems that can be used and much more.

Updating your website leads to more enquiries

Have a clear contacts page which will get customers attention

If on your current website you do not have a contacts page or if you do and it isn’t well laid out, it might be worth updating this. By updating your contacts page it’ll attract more customers as their first impressions will be that it is professional looking. It doesn’t need to be flashy but it needs to be placed correctly and well presented.

Updating your website leads to more enquiries

What products/services does your company offer?

By having this within your website it’ll show the audience straight away what your product/service is. This will also give off a better impression as it’ll give a better overview of your company. It’ll allow the audience and customers to locate this page with ease and will cut out any hassle.

Updating your website leads to more enquiries
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