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Tips To Help You Build Rapport In B2B Markets

By 23rd September 2021Information
Rapport in B2B markets

Tips To Help You Build Rapport In B2B Markets!

From making sales calls to establishing relationships with prospective clients at trade shows. Being able to engage your target buyers is crucial when scaling up a business and keeping those sales orders coming in.

While closing a sale can often seem the be-all and end-all when chasing sales and revenue generation targets. You never know when you could meet anyone in the industry further down the line.

Therefore, emphasizing every call, face-to-face interaction and e-mail in the same friendly manner can ultimately pay dividends.

We’ve gathered a list of a few tips and tools of the trade to help build rapport in B2B sales.

Remain genuine at all times

While the phrase “Just be yourself” is often overused, it tends to ring true during sales interactions. Remember that clients will be aware of rehearsed sales scripts that don’t bear many relations to their situation or needs.

Make sure to avoid creating alternative or ‘sales friendly’ personas within your sales office and field teams.

Instead, create a culture of positive actions, whether these are smiling, making eye contact, and coming across as engaging in the field, or showing authentic interest in the client over the phone by hearing them out.

Shared interests and experiences

Acting like prospective clients are your new best friend could be off-putting at first. But there’s no harm in developing a professional relationship as time goes by.

This can be done through small talk, to begin with, to help them feel at ease. Including swapping tales of growing up in the same city, supporting the same sports team or having a shared hobby.

As time goes on and trust on both sides evolves, this may involve organising to attend the same trade events or meet up for coffee to discuss your latest product catalogue that could lead to increased stock orders.

Convey how you will offer value

In a fast-moving environment such as sales, many clients won’t have much time to waste. It’s vital to get across what you can offer them that no one else can.

This doesn’t need to be a bullet point list of company USPs that you’ve mentioned to every previous caller, moreover, it should be tailored to the client based on prior research and real-time feedback on what they’re looking for.

Avoid talking figures too quickly, and instead, focus on understanding the clients’ pain points and wider industry climate before the interaction even takes place, ensuring you can be ready to talk about more than simply how your product offering is the cheapest available.

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