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Integrating Sage With SalesPresenter

By 30th April 2020February 14th, 2024Information
Integrating Sage with SalesPresenter

Common problems that occur before a full Sage integration

Most wholesalers face a list of problems before a full sage integration. Its never been quicker or easier to integrate Sage with SalesPresenter than as of right now.

Have a read below and find out the problems we can solve.

  1. First and foremost, reps are unlikely to have up-to-date customer information that will help them be significantly more prepared before meetings.
  2. Once your reps are with a customer, information such as product availability and previous order visibility is hard to locate. Your reps need quick access to this to give them leverage, how can they possibly sell in-stock products accurately and increase sales without that information?
  3. The third, of course, is the issue of upsell/cross-sell. Where are the extra sales going to come from? How do your sales reps ensure every order has as much value/volume as possible, without taking any more time than needed?
  4. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM before integrating Sage with SalesPresenter – Orders take hours to input day to day and WEEKS in most cases after trade shows. On average 2-3 weeks are spent inputting orders from a show. That’s an insane amount of time that inevitably means money spent on re-entering data you have already captured!

As registered Sage developers, we can guarantee to solve the issues above with a straightforward integration to Sage.

Integrating Sage with SalesPresenter
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The resolution by linking SalesPresenter to Sage

  1. Completely automate the provision of the product, customer, complex pricing and stock information directly to your sales team.
  2. Give them every tool they deserve to ensure they upsell and cross-sell in every direction. Using Sage to automate product links!
  3. Full visibility of your customer’s buying history to ensure a fuller and more convenient order process.
  4. Sell IN-STOCK products and increase your billing straight away.
  5. THE BIGGY – Zero-order re-entry! By integrating Sage with SalesPresenter you will completely automate order importing with correct pricing. Supporting any complex structure you may have in place.

Compatible versions of Sage with Standard connection include:

Integrating Sage with SalesPresenter
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It always seems intimidating to implement change in any department. We have a successful track record of Sage integrations along with a winning team of dedicated project managers.

Give us a call to discuss how to move forward: 01908 368001.

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