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Selling In A Post COVID Market – Webinar

By 23rd July 2020May 6th, 2022YouTube Updates
Selling in a post COVID market

Missed our latest webinar? Everything you need to know is below!

If you missed our most recent webinar then good news, we recorded it for you to take a look at when you have time!

Joe from Sales-i managed to cover a HUGE amount of fantastic tips to ensure a smoother and more effective selling process, it’s mind-blowing to think how interpreting data in the correct way gives you that extra edge when selling products.

Joe covered a huge amount in the webinar including:

  1. Compare before and after how COVID has impacted the way you run your business
  2. Data capture
  3. Analytical customer management
  4. New ways of talking to customers
  5. Changing the way activity is measured

Thank you to all of those who attended!

Access the full webinar here:

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