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5 Benefits Of A Super Speed Development E-commerce Platform

By 23rd June 2021February 14th, 2024Information

5 Benefits Of A SuperSpeed Development E-commerce Platform!

While traditional buying and selling in the field still have their place in modern-day e-commerce, there are now a wide range of digital software solutions that can help turn those unrivalled face-to-face interactions with potential customers into conversions.

Having a fully functional online shopping cart to point users to during trade events and sales meetings can make all the difference when it comes to being able to showcase your product range on any device, and at any time of day.

Advantages of e-commerce platforms for wholesalers and distributors

Integrated wholesale e-commerce software has a wide range of benefits when combined with the quick-witted talents of your sales team who know your product inside and out.

Take sales opportunities up a notch by having an online presence that can not only increase consumer attention but also elevate your brand as one that is memorable in the eyes of buyers that you meet.

1. Customers can browse on any device  

When integrating web ordering software such as CloudCart into your website, you can either build your site around the platform or simply attach a login gateway as an extension of your online offering.

The beauty of CloudCart is that it is optimised across mobile and tablet devices, meaning buyers can even make wholesale orders while they are at a trade event in real-time.

2. Direct-to-Consumer

Removing the need for interactions with several parties when trying to make a sale, adding an online shop to your website makes direct purchasing a possibility.

The fact that you as the wholesaler can control which items customers can order from you also means you can tailor the experience to their needs, without them getting lost amongst an online experience that doesn’t apply to them.

3. Streamline the buying process

Having an integrated buying solution on your website also makes a lot of the typical headaches associated with offline selling a thing of the past.

Payments for orders can be processed within a buyers’ account, while you can also stipulate delivery prices depending on which nations, regions you typically sell to.

You won’t have to set up new orders each time neither, with repeat customers able to seamlessly reorder the same stock each time they login.

4. 24/7 login access

Whether you’re selling direct at a trade show or prompting buyers to look around your online store via mailouts, your store can be making sales even while you sleep.

Considering differing time zones and patterns of working for buyers and distributors, this freedom in ordering will be immensely attractive to customers looking for flexibility around when they require stock.

5. Reduce costs of warehouse showrooms

From a radical shift overnight to online selling only, to a gradual phase-out of warehouse space, an online store can be a great way to reduce the need for elaborate showrooms.

With the right imagery and web design expertise, CloudCart is capable of providing an immersive inventory browsing experience that removes the need for buying agents to visit physical locations.

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