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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Sales Rep App

By 20th July 2021July 21st, 2021Information
Why you need a sales rep app

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Sales Rep App!

In the highly competitive wholesaler and distribution market of today. Staying ahead of competitors often means embracing new technology to give your sales teams the tools they need to thrive.

1. Powering up your sales teams

This is where SalesPresenter comes in. Our sales rep app is currently the software of choice for hundreds of B2B businesses worldwide. With full integration with your ERP system giving teams real-time information on stock so customers can be kept firmly in the loop.

From customised, interactive catalogues showing off your latest goods in style at trade events, to seamless sales order processing. We look at just some of the reasons why an advanced sales app can help your company.

2. Market-leading trade ordering

Giving sales reps in the field access to a wide range of data on the fly. Apps such as SalesPresenter enables the sales team to bring products to life through interactive visuals and straightforward purchasing options.

Sales rep apps aren’t just useful for storing buyer information and professionally presenting stock without the use of calculators and paper catalogues. With the ability to see everything from past purchase history through to ledgers and notes creating a lasting relationship with customers.

3. Quickly understand customer location

Mapping features part of sales rep apps are extremely useful when you’re on the way to a meeting with a client.

Not only will the app show you the best way to get there, but your sales teams can also use it to show suggested customers that can be included in the journey. Making for a great planning exercise when trying to maximise returns from sales journeys.

 4. Up-selling wholesale products

While in-person selling without the aid of software typically relies on memory from prior research, or disruptive calls to the warehouse during sales conversations. Sales rep apps such as SalesPresenter can have pre-installed ‘linked items’ which quickly shows customers related items to purchase.

Intuitive upselling functionality can drive sales beyond projections, with the ability to bookmark items a customer wants to consider also providing sales teams leverage for future conversations or events when referring to the respective buyer accounts.

5. Focused sales presentations

The flexibility of sales rep apps quickly become apparent when you want to cater them for wider sales pitches to groups of more than just those visiting your trade stand.

Stock categories can be created before an event, meaning you can tailor your presentation to products you know will interest potential clients the most. Complete with eye-catching catalogue imagery, movie clips and spec sheets for optimal effect.

Contact us today to find out more information on why a sales rep app can benefit your business!

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